Automate your freelancing's back office—forget the hassle.

We find, onboard, and manage your clients, so you can focus on the work yo enjoy.

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We help you run every aspect of your freelance business

Eliminate the guesswork and the extra work: just select your goal and our human-robots teams will deliver you the results.

Find and get clients

Discover and reach out to potential clients with lead-generation tools and pipelines that offer “set and forget” ease-of-use.

Apply to relevant projects

We stay on top of job postings from your desired clients while sending pre-filled, automatic applications.

Get referrals

We look for interesting opportunities connected to your clients so you can land new projects by getting their referral.

Set-up and follow projects

Our smart proposals and project status reports ensure you’re on the same page with your clients. After project closing, automatically gather testimonials.

Set contracts and invoices

Easily edit, customize, and share pre-populated contracts that ensure your freelancing is fair. Automatically generate invoices based on them.

Be tax-ready

Prepare for tax season: automatically calculate your tax and social contributions while accessing a pre-filled 1099 form.

Leave the guesswork to SoyDigi.
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Our automated robots help you break free from the hassles of administrating and growing your freelance business, so that you can focus on the work you enjoy and reach your goals.

Find and get clients

Easily get new clients with our cold-pitch process. Select which type of potential clients you’re interested in so we create a customized directory and share your pitch.


Apply to relevant projects

Our smart job alert filters job postings and then automatically applies to them so you don’t have to. Just set the alarm and edit our pre-filled application and you’re set!

Get referrals

Your current clients can help you find new projects. We look for interesting opportunities connected to your current clients so you can land new projects by getting their referral.


Automate your back-office

Use smart proposals that automatically connect with pre-filled project status reports, contracts, invoices, and a pre-filled 1099 form to help you prepare for tax-season.

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