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At SoyDigi we believe that everyone should be able to live a fulfilling personal and professional life without having an Employer. We believe that the future of work is boss-free and 100% self-employed. We are building the technology that will make that happen.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to building a fast-growing company (that has secured funding) from the ground up, be exposed to the international startup community, and learn about all the angles of building a startup while experimenting, having fun, and pushing your limits.

Come join a diverse team and work along with people from South America, the US, and virtually anywhere!

our values



We act with intention and awareness to bring value to the lives of freelancers everywhere. Everything we do, are, and create is based on a sincere sense of purpose.



We celebrate the different backgrounds, cultures, and outlooks that every person has and aim to create a harmonious ecosystem, replacing judgment and bias with compassion and understanding.



We believe that good enough is never enough, and recognize the trust that our users, team, investors, and society put in us to create an exceptional platform that goes beyond traditional standards.



As we build the future of the work force, our efforts are rooted in creativity, innovation, and accessibility. By acting with confidence, courage, and diligence, we’re ready to achieve what has never been done before.



We work proactively to understand the pain points of freelancers, welcoming them into a world of independence while creating a collaborative platform that has their best interests in mind.


To enable people to build a rewarding life by leveraging their talents. We believe that the future of work is boss-free and 100% self-employed.


Supporting self-employed entrepreneurs with their managerial, business development and administration tasks, allowing them to lead successful businesses and enjoyable lives.


A world where people are celebrated for their talents and enabled to achieve financial and personal well-being.

our CUlture

Our culture is adaptive, innovative and proactive.

We are a diverse community working remotely and async from different countries. Passionate to contribute to an evolving workplace, where autonomy and independency are the main principles. Where freelancers can focus on their talents, polish their craft and develop their skills.

SoyDigi’s environment is exciting and always in motion, enhancing growth by providing numerous challenges and projects. Giving you exposure to new technologies and innovations. True to our cause, we have adopted the freedom and independence of the freelance system.

Working async reduces bottlenecks as we become managers of our time, working independently and collaborating to ensure productivity within our team. And by multiplexing our tasks we achieve better focus and for longer periods of time.

Effective communication and respect are vital in our team, allowing us to work together and in harmony. Our culture of excellence and empathy motivates us to deliver outstanding results while keeping the customer at the center of our work.

Be free. independent. passionate. proactive. crafty. innovative. ready. SoyDigi.


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